Saturday, 29 December 2012

I don't want you to stay another minute.

Someday, you'll be pay for it.

Being human, as long as we breathe in and live, money wouldn't distant from us. Especially, to those people who're woman, lady or even a baby girl. As you know, being a lady, many accesories, clothes, and blablabla needed. And for boys, do not ever ask why. Luckily, the oxygen we breathe don't have a price tag. Yeahh, all things need money bebehh. In fact, whenever you wanna go to toilet. I'm damn sick of it.

And just now, really akward moment when I've to ask Abah for the school fees. His face wrinkled. Money have been spent by me a thousands dude. Just for this reopen school. Y'know, my dad is not that well as you've been thinking. Tho I just have three siblings. I am really worried of him. I can't stop been thinking 'bout him. Hah, tired. I've been such a burden for you, Abah. Sorry, for spending too much money, for not study well, for not listen to you, for been lying to you, for all my wrongdoings to you. Again, sorry.Well, is not Raya yet but I just wanna ask for forgiveness and my thanked to both of you for raising me well for fifteen years I'm being such a person. You don't have idea how I'm being glad all this while. Em, I know how stubborn I am, how kepala-angin I am, how playful I am but I just just. Huh, I don't know why I can't say it in front of you. So, if you're reading this, please accept this. Thank you, Ibu Abah.

P/S:Sorry for this emotional entry and the broken-english. Hope you don't mind.


UA said...

Actually if it hard to get something.
we will apreciate it.
But if it easy to get,
then it is easy to waste.

amni aqilah said...

Haha, exactly :)