Tuesday, 12 February 2013

And I bet sometimes you wonder about me.


I'm back for such a long gone haha. I flew to Paris you know haha (konon). Em, it's been almost two month I've lived in Paris. Such a long period. Okay, actually I'm losing idea. Akward lah sundui.

Oh okay okay. Being a senior to fifteen, fourteen, thirteen is not that easy. Manyak susah woo. How I wish I can be forever young haha. And, sometimes whenever nak bercommunicate dengan senior, susah weh. Tak tipu. Becauseeeee there just a few months different and because of that we're being nice each others since we're quite close. But but but, lately they seems quite emotional (cepat terasa). I know I shouldn't say this, I'm sorry but I'm not meant it. Not all of them actually, just a few instead. So, in this oppurtinity, I wanna ask for forgiveness for all my wrongdoings. I just just huh, sokay Amni, let bygone be bygone. Okay, kes ditutup. And hoping it wouldn't an issue anymore.

Being a sixteen also huh. Em, busy tahap vaaaviiiiii LoL. Whatever it is, tahun kesibukan adalah zaman form four. Di situlah bermulalah, kefoya-foyaan, kesibukan, keissuean, kegelapan, keaktifan dan yang sekutu dengannya. And actually, aku dah kekok dengan semua benda alah yang melibatkan aku dan alam maya. Pelik weh, kenapa haa. So, sorry this bored post. And byebye for now :)

P/S: I'm wanna new handphone dear Abah :3

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