Saturday, 13 April 2013

And our heart are stronger than we know

wearing nothing but a smile

Hello and assalamualaikum guys. So how's your day, going chillin' maybe or fucking damn haha #GurauJe. Oh and i'm home, yeah great but imma sad too. Sokay there's no luck for me to join #TeamOlahragaSBP huhu. Pathetic sungguh. Nevermind. Masih ada peluang di sukantara lol (menyedapkan hati) Nak sangat join mereka actually. Haihh, dahlah ramai gila dapat gold medal for balapan, and for acara padang pun semua masuk final. Like seriously :O Bapak gempak giloss sekolah aku. Tak tipu. Rasa bangga gila jadi Intesaberians. Dengan cricket nya, pergi final. Silat naib johan and drama forth place and bla bla bla. Banyak gilaa rezeki this year. Sumpah. So for those Saberians who making some names for our school, congrats again. And keep maintain but still won't let academic out of anything okay. Dear Pengetua, you should proud of us, and yourself too. You deserved it, I swear. Okay see ya again guys. Again, please pray for our success especially for our upcoming tournament, Hockey State Level and National Level. Byebye, assalamualaikum.

p/s: my new passport images are too sucks!

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