Saturday, 30 March 2013

Listen to my voice it's my disguise


Akmal murhalim said, gelak puas puas sebelum balik sekolah. So here, we're hahaha. Okay enough. Lalala its already 5.11 a.m. and i don't sleep. Okay i know its not good, but i gotta a tons of homework then. Gahhh hate it hate it. Why did homework exist in this world bebehh! Huh, nvm lah. At least straight this holiday i didnt touch one of em haha. Let it be let it be. Sokay, gtg now guys, need to close my eyes till next week muahaha, tak payah pergi sekolah yeayyy. Okay imma crapping now, better stop. Kay byebye for now, and hello to next holiday kay guys. Eh not to forget too about my tournament for hockey state level as we won the distrcit level and also national level as we won the hksbp level yihaaaa! Keep calm and pray for us okay, assalamualaikum :>

see see, it stated there, JOHAN PEREMPUAN xD

p/s: dear cikgu rho, please dont scold me for not settle your homework. imma sorry, too busy haha xD

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aishah zawani said...

Assalamualaikum, new follower here.

wahhhh, hoki player jugak ye. me too. dlu la, masa sekolah menangah. wahhh congrate dpt johan.
P/S: nice song. ;)

*wink wink- mintak follow balik bole?