Friday, 29 March 2013

My father said dont you worry child

mummy can i take mc?

yo. hey hooo, today is saturday. my homework still unfinished day by day. so i decided to take mc for another week lol. like seriously, i didnt touch any of my homework this holidays. erk, holiday or holi-die haha. malasnya nauzubillah. talking about lazy, my mom used to call me, unta haha. but you cant call me that okay. my friends all over this worldwide, keep advising me to do it, but sorry guys, im too lazy. rasa menyesal pulak ikut abah balik kampung hari tuuu, mood cuti and berhomeworking gone sebab tulahh. (tiba tiba). everyday woke up (late) and switch on lappy, and took out homework (but then hw letak tepi lappy jee lol) and online and ate and online and shower and online and solat and online and held pencil (konon nak buat hw) and online and put pencil aside and online and went out and online till night lol. huh what im talking about, korang paham ke? begitulah kisah saya sepanjang cuti sekolah yang tak berapa lama nii, thats all from me, the dummy routine of my life, thank you.

p/s: thanks for answering my dm dude :>

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