Friday, 29 March 2013

i used to think that i was better alone

i hope youre the one that wipe my tears.

"girl dont you cry your heart out, let me stop before you start out, no need his explaination." cody simpson said so. and i dont want to crap like idiot all over again, and its all about you! hell yeah. waiting for somebody who ignored me, im crapping and talking like rubbish and acting like crazy with them are much better. ya, i knew you got jealous right, so why dont you... ahhh demmm. please trust me dude.

okay here, im sorry. im sorry much for underistimating. for giving up. for my bad  treating. sokay, forget it all, i just wanna your trust in me. thats all dude.

p/s: love my new background C:

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