Saturday, 1 June 2013

I'm looking' right at the other half of me.

Hello, it's june dude!

Geee hi everyone. And so im back. Nyehh, tak ke mana pun actually. Just disebabkan kemalasan berganda telah menangguhkan mood berblogging nii. Em btw, im pretty much fine now. I got flu and sore throat back two days. And here, so lonely i'd being. Tsk tsk tsk. My dad and my two brothers went to hometown. AND ME, LEFT HEREEE ALL ALONE CAUSE I GOT TUITION CLASSES. Hey! It's not fair! Okay, dahlah. Abah dah nak balik pun, jap hagiii balik lah. And so so now, I wanna make some luahan here. Okay let's start with I got a friend. And she being close to a friend of us, and I got jealous. But but I dont know why that feeling hits me. Nyehh, am I terminat to that boy? Hm, I guess so. And so so, I dont have idea what to do. Hm just let it be lah kan. Our friendship might ruin because this stupid thingy. So let's be stay cool and enjoying myself. Listening to music, hell yeah it's really calm me down. Kay, got to now. Daa xx


fardiyah said...

keep calm and listen to music..hehe >_<

amni aqilah said...

haha yeahh xD