Sunday, 2 June 2013

I'm not your princess this ain't fairytale.

a simple medicine :)

Holla fellas. It's already 3rd June. How time flies so fast dude! A week has passed. Fading away and left me without finishing my homework. Haha. It always and will be the same everytime I got homework during holidays. Just let it be muahaha. Psst don't you feel the same neeeeh. So since dah seminggu kan, how's holidays guys hee. I bet some of you are having superb great time with family girlfriends boyfriends and blabla. Went to holiday at somewhere heaven destination. Oh damn I'm jelaous. Or maybe spending your time wisely with going to tuition classes just like me. Sad life uhukss. And it can be just sitting in front of your lappy and your eyes is glued to that screen and you can't move anywhere lols. Maybe one of these yeah.

Hm. Well, I have to tell y'alls some big big thingy, as you know it's already move to June. Anddd there's one handsome kacak bergaya sador boy birthday's. Le Rocketman Saber. So to Raffiq Aidrus, I've nothing much to say. Selamat berbahagia bersama si dia. Ehehe jkjk. Okay listen to this, May Allah bless you dude, we're friend and forever be, stay fit and stay handsome kay.  Keep calm and listen to 1D songs. Lastly, Kitakan Kawan, do remember this :)

Oh hey, Happy Birthday bestie!

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Raffiq Aidrus said...

yooo.. thanks amni aqilah aka ella XD hehe ,,thanks again doakan aku :)) kau pom sama semoga berbahagia dengan bakal suami kau nanti walaupon xde sekarang,, tapi ada nanti hikhik ..btw jangan lupa hntar kad knduri kahwin dekat umah aku :)heyhooo,,weeewoo :D kita kan kawan

amni aqilah said...

yawww no biggie. hehe doakan lah aku jumpa the one kay, and aku nak dia lagi hensem dari kau haha jkjk. nanti aku bagi kau special guest lagi jadi vvip okayy :D

Raffiq Aidrus said...

aku sentiasa doakan kau amni jumpa the one,, hikhik thanks for being my best friends :) aku tak hensem lahhh :P bila mase aku hensem nih?? -_- ,,,hikhik lol lupaa,, kau gurau.. XD special guest lag jadi wip?? pe tuh??