Tuesday, 4 June 2013

We're not lovers but more than friend.

Dear you.

So hello there. Imma not in good mood now. Well, just had some argument. And it was totally hurt me! You always said that im the one that tak fikir your perasaan. You always said that imma the selfish one. You always said that im always doing this and that wrong. Yeahh, just put the blame on me. Letaklah letak banyak banyak, sampai berat otak nii. Sampai hancur hati nii .Yes, that's all my fault. Not yours. You the one that the most kind person. The most understanding one. The most care too much. The most innocent one. Y'know what, deep inside, I was crying over and over again. Penat dengan semua nii. I just, just wanna tell you how my feeling was. I'm seriously dead inside. There's no happiness in me now. My heart, totally zero. How lifeless I'd being. Ahh sudahlah, penat jee tulis, you will never know. Just one word, please understand my feeling too. I'm so sad. And tired. Assalamualaikum.

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