Thursday, 20 December 2012

I'd be waking up, feeling satisfied but guilty as hell.

The B gonna turn A, amin.

Okay, tear already back to their home. No more sadness, no more crying. Hope so. Haha, everyone keep giving me strength and wise words. Felt touch guys! And just now, Ibu signing up le Borang Semakan Semula. Bukan senang weh. Banyak gila prosedur. One subject, Thirty Ringgit Malaysia flying. And she doin' it for me! Ya Allah, tolonglah berikan aku peluang kali ini untuk memenuhi impianku, amin :') Pray for me k. Aku tahu korang baik. And yesterday, Abah gave sorta a speech for me haha. He offered a new smartphone for me. Haha, again I rejected it. Mood tak baik kan haha. Then, I told Abang 'bout it and he scold me. Haha, he asked me to get Blackberry from Abah. Trololol. But, seriously I want a new one. The most regretful thing I've done is bought Samsung CorbyII. I knew I don't like it but I just accepted it when Abah offered me whereas I can get a better one. Em, okay just let it be. And last Monday, I went to SetiaCity Mall. Having such a freaking hell time bebeh!

Smile :D

Sila lihat kegembiraan yang terpancar kat muka aku. Lupakan aku semalam yang melalak lalak tuh haha. Btw, pelik dengan rumors esok kiamat.

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astalavista adeil said...

hype ,,
nasib awk same mcm nasib sy n 52 0wg dax skul sy y juz b bi je ,, huhu juz chill beb ^__^ bgaimana ngan rzult awk slps awk cek smle .? i 1 2 n0 it , if u 1 2 tell me .. heee >.< anyway CONGRATE .. <^^>