Saturday, 22 December 2012

She's just a girl and she's on fire.

Delicious picture with no-quality photo.

Kenny Roagers tapi order macaroni. Apa ke hal. Yoshh, takdak selerooo nak sumbat ayam bila kebuluran melanda tummy haha. RM55.45 for only two person. Goshh, macam rasa bersalah jee kat Ibu. Tapi takpe, bukan selalu. Ahaaa and today was not fun at all. And it's really tiring-wasting-sleepy. Too many HUMAN BEING babe! Sakit otak, sesak gila giga. Em, actually I thought it's just two of us. But friend of  her, joined us. Urghhh. Sorry, not this time auntie. And yes, sale everywhere. 50% off, 70% off.  Yet, nothing to buy. In the end, I just got two pair of lovely Baju Kurung. Thumbs up Ibu.

And and, Naz and Dan hangout jugak. A date maybe haha. Naz went to SunwayPyramid with her buah hati ecehh. Comic Fiesta for Dan of course, anime freak. And both of them, hangout with a-twenty-years old guy I tell you. Homaigod! I'm jealous dude. Rasa terpinggir sungguh uhukuhuk. Bilakah masaku yang sebegitu akan tiba. Hamboi, bermadah pulak dah aku. Lupakan jelahh. Single is better :) 

Coming soon, Hubby and me haha.


Aisyah Khairuddin said...

Perghhh. Aku mau jugaaaa.:3

amni aqilah said...

Hahaha, mau apakah Aisyah?