Thursday, 12 December 2013

"I don't care if people say we won't be together,"

Never :)

Assalamualaikum. It's 0117 now and still im awake. Actually Im really sleepy as I didn't get enough sleep yesterday. Hey yknow since I kat kampung now kan, yeah of course lah I spent my time well since handphone really bestie of mine now. Like tak pernah berenggang kot, haha. I kept been scolded cause of that. Well, normal lah tu dude. Gua tiap kali balik kampung mesti kena brainwash dengan nenek gua doh. Macam yang warden selalu buat every weekend tu lah haihh. Oh ya, tadi we performed Isya' berjemaah. Man, I swear I leleh kot ((acah-acah je)). Btw, I'm really enjoy my Isya' cause it's been awhile tak berjemaah. Aisehh tiba-tiba rindu Surau As-Syakirin pulak. K know what, people around us is the mirror of ourselves, right? I mean kan orang selalu cakap, nak tengok someone tu macam mana, tengok dengan siapa dia kawan. So just randomly saying, dear my friends out there, I am really sorry and apologize for my bad. I might be cool sometimes, but somehow I got my own selfish over something too. Lately I've been thinking that I'm done so much things and burden korang. Dengan perangai tak senonoh, too naughty, luahkan perasan sesuka hati macam korang ni diary, annoying nak mati. Gila, mintak penyepak doh Meni ni. Sorry for that, buddy.

P/S: Today is the first time in my life ever I rode a taxi man uwuwuw

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